Rent your bike


Low-step frame 28″ 3-speed

24h – 110kr
1 week – 550kr


24″ 3-Speed

24h – 80kr
1 week – 400kr


Different sizes available

24h – 10kr
1 week – 50kr


24h – 100kr
1 week – 500kr


24h – 30kr
1 week – 150kr


24h – 90kr
1 week – 450kr


If the bicycle were to be stolen during the rental period, the lessee will be reimbursed to his full value to Gotland By Bike AB.

If the lessee at the time of pick-up purchased a theft protection insurance, he/she only pays one deductible of 1000 SEK.

The requirement is that the bicycle has been locked at the time of theft and the lessee submits the key to the bike’s lock and a copy of the theft notification with the police to Gotland By Bike AB. If the bicycle is found it is to be returned to Gotland By Bike AB. The lessee never pays more than the applicable deductible in the event of a signed theft protection insurance. Anti-theft insurance can only be taken out at the time of booking or pick-up.

24h – 10kr
1 week – 50kr


We offers our costumers to have their rented bicycles to desired location, for example, airport or your hotel.Vi erbjuder våra kunder möjligheten att få cykeln leverans till önskad plats, ex. färjeterminal, flygplats, hotell etc. 

Type time and place for delivery or/and pic-up.

Prices are set within Visby. For a price-quote outside of Visby, state your adress in the message and we will get back to you.

One way – 50kr
Both ways – 100kr


We can store our costumers luggage.

Type time for arrival and number of luggage in the message.

For fee, please contact us.

For fee, please contact us.

Almedalsveckan 2020

For bookings week 27, Almedalsveckan, please contact us at

The rental amount is paid in advance without demand and at the beginning of the rental period.

The rental period ends without notice on the date on which the rent is paid and then the rental object shall be returned without a claim. If no return is made, the owner is three days after the rental period expires to be entitled to withdraw the rental at the expense of the client unless special reasons are made clear.

The owner owns the right to charge the customer rent for the moment the delay lasts. If the delay results in this being unavailable to another customer for the following period, the owner is entitled to charge the customer who is delayed one week’s rent, regardless of the delay being shorter than this time.

The lease may not be lent, transferred, rented or sold by the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to hold the owner completely without responsibility due to any claims arising from damage caused by the use of the rented goods to property or person.

The customer is obliged to properly care for the rented goods and is liable for damage arising during the rental period. Damage must be notified immediately to the owner. The customer is also exposed to the risk that the rented goods will be lost during the rental period.

The owner owns the requirement that the client’s property is kept insured during the rental period. The customer is obliged to show a valid insurance policy upon request. (Applicable to insured vehicle, not bike).

The owner responds to the rented goods to be delivered in working order. In the event of negligence, the rental object must be exchanged and / or a reasonable rental reduction is obtained.

Any necessary transport of the property is paid by the customer.


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